ZAA-ICT is a non profit making organization whose objective is to support the integration of ICT tools in development to facilitate social and economic development in Zambia. The organization was registered in 2005 as a non profit, non governmental organization. The organization has been instrumental in supporting the work and development of rural ICT infrastructures such as telecentres. In 2006 ZAA-ICT signed a Memorandum of Understanding with government to carry out a rural ICT awareness Programme in Lusaka rural. A rural access publication was produced by the organization in conjunction with IICD and E-Brain Forum of Zambia. ZAA-ICT through this Zambian Forum has been also championing the government ICT policy advocacy processes with other NGOs to speed up its implementation. For the past two years, the organization has been involved in catalyzing development of telecentres through organizing country representations in southern Africa. ZAA-ICT through support from Telecentre.org has been witnessing the development of the East African Telecentre Network and national telecentre networks of East Africa

The organization has also established partnerships with foreign organizations in knowledge sharing and information exchange such as Infobridge Foundation of Netherlands and Connect Africa of South Africa.  

 ZAA-ICT hosted with support from the ACP Centre for Technical and Agricultural Cooperation (CTA) the International Sustainable Telecentre Workshop that was held in June in Lusaka. The responsibility to undertake the task of supporting SATNET in southern Africa was echoed and strengthened at this international Sustainable Telecentre Workshop.